General conception, rigging conception

ryade, a team working in partnership for both small boats and big classic yachts.

Rigging conception

Dryade operates directly so as to ensure a perfect understand of the yachts to be fitted, their background and their requirements, paying particular attention to detail associating the beauty of the forms, technical solutions and the art of the curves.

During a restoration or a new creation, we specifically use a method of studies and creations which are made exclusively in close collaboration with all the technical partners of the project (architects, yacht builders, sail makers and riggers).

These craftsmen and firms have adopted with us this “charter” a service of quality.

General technical drawings

• Historical research
• Studies and technical drawings of the restoration and structural components

Integral restoration of Cala in the Dryade's workshops (frame, hull, deck, mast, hardware and fittings).

Technical drawingsVoilier Cala Cala's technical drawings  

Technical drawings of details

Studies and technical drawings of the various parts which constitute the hardware and the fittings of the deck and rigging.

Rigging's Implementation

In the logical continuation of the studies and manufacture, the Dryade team can carry out the rigging's installation (blocks, ropes, adjustments, etc...).



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